Employment Law

We offer our clients a full and outstanding business law service. We advise and represent you in a competent and comprehensive way. We draw up modern and flexible contracts concerning all areas of employment law like company pensions, social security law, strategic human resource planning needs and termination of contract. Our attorneys and partners stand out for their personality and their competence, understanding of economic interactions and entrepreneurial thinking, as well as their will and ability for a constructive cooperation. Every individual solution is based on our specialist knowledge in the complex relationship between employment law and other legal and financial coherences. Our staff has extensive experience in dealing with ex-patriates as well as in consulting and representing members of managing boards, employers, employees and self-employed Commercial Agents.

We provide our clients with comprehensive legal services in the following fields:

Employment law

  •   Employment contracts and design
  •   Ex-patriates  including its tax and social security implications.
  •   Counseling regarding wages, holidays, sick and parental leave, working time.
  •   Dismissals of employment (voluntary and involuntary termination)
  •   Redundancy and restructuring
  •   Protection against dismissal
  •   Corporate  restructuring, redundancy programmes and compensation plans
  •   Company pension plans

Employment Law

  •   Redundancy programmes and compensation plans
  •   Collective bargaining Law

Managing Boards and Managing Directors

  •  Employment contracts and agreements for managers and directors
  •  Company pensions schemes
  •  Termination of contracts

Social Security Law

  • National and international social security law