Information Technology Law

Data privacy must not be underestimated in Germany. The government has implemented fines in case business practices are inconsistent with the law of data privacy. Even procedures such as the maintenance of a computer or payroll accounting require you to do it in accordance with German data privacy regulations. Severe consequences may occur if you fail to do so. To avoid charges it is essential to have corresponding contractual assurances.

German data privacy law and labor law are legally interconnected. On the one hand a company which is employing more than 10 employees working with computers is required to hire a data protection officer but on the other hand the data protection officer cannot be laid off no more due to applicable employment laws.

Our attorneys are specialized in privacy law as well as labor law in order to work out a tailored solution that meets the demands of our clients. Therefore we can provide you with a data privacy supervisor that has no agreement of employment with your entity.

This example proves how important it is to work out a practical solution consistent with the applicable law.

We provide our
clients with comprehensive legal services in the following fields:

  •   Legal advice on data protection
  •   Advice on IT outsourcing and service level agreements
  •   Data protection audits
  •   Appointment of a company data protection officer
  •   Media law, including media regulatory law advice, multimedia law